Finding Your Ideal Wine Refrigerator

If your head is spinning with lists of features and conflicting user comments, we can help. \You don’t want to become an expert on wine coolers – you just want to find the one that’s right for you!

Our EZChoice™ wizard asks you five questions and generates a list of our highly-rated wine coolers that fit your needs.


1. Click on each tab below.

2. Set the filters on the right.

3. As you set the filters, the list of matching products appears below.


Cooling Zones

  • You want to store wine and don’t care about keeping it at a good temperature for drinking:  Single Zone
  • You only drink whites or reds but not both:  Single Zone 
  • You want to keep both red and white wine chilled to the ideal drinking temperature:  Dual Zone


  • You buy a few bottles at a time and drink them: 1 to 12 bottles
  • You stock up on wine you like or wine on sale and usually have a case or two on hand: 13 to 24 bottles
  • You don’t consider yourself a collector but your wine racks are full and you keep wine more than 12 months:  25 to 50 bottles 
  • You have a growing collection and appreciate that good wine gets better with age:  51 to 100 bottles
  • You are collecting many cases of wine and you know that if you don’t keep it cooled and horizontal, your investment is at risk:  100+ bottles


  • You have room for a microwave-sized appliance, you only want to keep a few bottles chilled and handy:  Countertop
  • You need to store a couple of cases of wine, and you have enough room for a small dorm or bar fridge:  Undercounter
  • You are getting serious about your collection and have six or more cases of wine to store  including some that you’ll be keeping more than a year:  Full Size


  • You want a very finished appearance for your installation and the extra cost is not an issue – or you already have space for a built-in:  Built-in
  • You want portability or don’t want the expense or have the right location for a built-in unit: Free-standing


We recommend setting this last so you can see all the coolers that meet your ideal criteria.  Then set a price maximum and look at the resulting items.

Open the selected products in new tabs or windows so you don’t lose your filter settings.

No products were found matching your selection.